3 reasons Italy Ishida is stupid

  1. When Jamie lost her badge, she should have checked with Vinny to see if they could get a replacement first, or at least informed someone that the badge was stolen.
  2. If that was impossible, she could have pretended she was going along with the Vilehelms, and then, once Jamie had her badge back, laughed in their faces and gone back to E3. There is no need to be honorable when dealing with people like that. In fact, there is no honor in succumbing to their demands. That’s not martyrdom. It’s a betrayal of Aya.
  3. If that was impossible, then at least she could have refused to eat and drink while she was up in their room. I mean, come on. She knew what they wanted. Why did she make it easy for them?

The reason this is so annoying is, I didn’t think Italy was such a moron. I’m sure this was all done for the sake of fanservice.

…which isn’t a problem when it doesn’t totally destroy my suspension of disbelief :>