Here’s the thing

You know, I think the desk thing is just peripheral. I was also very emotional this morning when I watched the first episode of Full Moon wo Sagashite again–during Mitsuki’s song, I started crying. Of course, that was a good kind of emotion, but still.

There is one thing I’m upset about in general that may be affecting my emotional state, and that is this: if I had realized I had Monday off sooner, I could have gone to Kentucky this weekend. I could have seen my family on my birthday weekend!

But as it is, I’ve already made plans to have a birthday party on Sunday and agreed to feed my in-laws’ dog (the one who lives outside, not the pampered pomeranians) and water their plants while they’re in Charlotte for NASCAR. So I’m basically stuck here this weekend, and I’m feeling stupid for not thinking about the existence of paid holidays sooner.

On the bright side, I don’t have to go in to 2go-Box until Tuesday (my birthday), and Robert says he’ll buy me breakfast. So I guess that’s cool; I’ll have a nice day of rest on Memorial Day, and free food never hurts.

Still, I can tell you that I am totally having a quarter pounder for lunch today.