I love the title of Saddam’s novel

I mean, Get Out of Here, Curse You–that’s fantastic!

Apparently in Japan the book is called Devil’s Dance, and I’m not really sure why. From what I can tell of the plot, I don’t think it fits. Who is supposed to be the devil?

I’ll have to see if I can find the actual Japanese name when I’m home tonight…but regardless, why not something like Dete ike, kuso yarou? [Edit 5/21: the title is Akuma no Dance.]

In any case, it sounds like an interesting book. However, as the article points out, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince just came out over there*. Amazon.co.jp is all about Harry Potter. Who knows if Saddam’s book will get any play?

The original manuscript was smuggled out of Iraq by one of Saddam Hussein’s daughters, Raghad, and a copy given to Japanese journalist and translator Itsuko Hirata.

“The novel is dated to the times of ancient tribal society but the tribal warfare depicted in the novel is strikingly similar to what happened and is happening in the Iraqi war — totally,” Hirata told Reuters before the book’s release.

Like, fer sure! ;>

Hirata believes the current novel, issued in a cover patterned with violets, was written by Saddam and has a melodic clarity to it that suggests it could be adapted to the stage.

“I really think this book should be made into a musical,” she said. “And once this is done, it should play in the heart of his enemy’s country, on Broadway.”

I could actually see that happening.

(The whole “melodic clarity” thing helps explain why Hirata might have wanted to call it Devil’s Dance…but still. How can you possibly top Get Out of Here, Curse You? The only thing that might is Snakes on a Plane.)

* The title Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is translated as ハリー・ポッターと謎のプリンス. They used the English “Prince” instead of ojisama, which makes sense if you’ve read the book, but also makes me wonder about how they dealt with some of the discussions about who the “prince” is.

Addendum 5/21: I just bothered to look up 謎, and discovered that it means puzzle or enigma. Maybe it’s too rude to say “half-blood”? Or maybe they use “half-blood” in the story, and just not for the title. I’m actually not sure how to say “half-blood” in Japanese anyway.