I’m not sure what this means in the grand scale, but it feels somehow monumental

The other day, Sean and I went to Mikoto for dinner. It was really nice. Sean had his usual sushi with shrimp tempura appetizer, and I had shrimp tempura and sashimi, and we split a dragon roll to see how that was.

I also got it into my head to drink some cold sake. I have no idea why. I remembered how it was to drink it when I was in Akita–I took a sip of hot and a sip of cold, and liked the cold better. But I didn’t really remember anything else about it.

So we ordered a bottle. It had a little over six ounces in it. It came with cute little cups. Sean and I aren’t big drinkers, so we had no idea how we were supposed to drink it.

So, we took each ounce like a shot.

And ugh, did it ever taste terrible.

Sean liked it, actually. He said it was very smooth and there was little aftertaste, unlike other hard liquors. But I thought it was awful. “Bleah,” I said, “this is worse than medicine. And it does nothing for me.”

Which was true. I felt no effects whatsoever.

We each had three “shots”, and then I let Sean have the tiny bit that was left.

When our waitress was clearing our table, Sean told her we were done with the alcohol, and she said “…wow, fast.” So I’m pretty sure we were supposed to sip it. I don’t know if the experience would have been different if I’d done that, though.

I have always been afraid to drink alcohol. Alcoholism runs in my family, and I already have a weakness for food. I was always afraid that I would like alcohol too, and that I wouldn’t be able to control my cravings for it. So I don’t know why I suddenly decided I wanted to have some sake. It was totally random, and the feeling didn’t just come over me and pass…it settled. Maybe I had just hit the point in my life where I felt confident enough in myself to try it.

But obviously I needn’t have worried, because alcohol is nasty ;>

The car next to ours in the parking lot had a hilarious hood ornament. “It’s too bad you don’t have your camera,” Sean said.

“Actually, I do.”

“I hereby give you permission to take a picture of that.”

hood ornament.  and that lens flare?  TOTALLY on purpose.  yeah.

Then we went home.