It doesn’t erase what happened to Kazuya

And nor should it. It doesn’t cringe away from life. It’s real. It’s one of the most real anime I have ever seen.

Things aren’t black and white, and yet decisions still matter, and everything is a “what if”.

What if Tatsuya had run after Kazuya to give him the good luck charm?

What if he’d never admitted his feelings for Minami, even indirectly?

What if Minami had gone with Kazuya to the meeting?

What if she’d let him kiss her, even though she didn’t want him to?

They feel responsible, and because of that they feel they can’t be together.

And there is such a long road to redemption ahead.

Minami has to grow too, and become less of a cheerleader and more self-reliant.

And Tatsuya has to give up on chasing a shadow and be who he is.

And you’re left wondering…would either of them have grown, had Kazuya lived?

Did he die so they could mature?

Do they feel responsible for that, too?