My Wings DVDs have shipped! What a nice birthday present :)

Two seasons for $30 is a great price. It looks like the first season is pretty short, but still. Given what they’re charging for seasons of Monk, I consider myself lucky. Hopefully none of the cast members will become freakishly popular and drive up the price of the next set (like Teri Hatcher did with Lois & Clark–sheesh!).

Reading the synopsis of the first two seasons of Wings, I was surprised by a couple of things. First, I’d forgotten that Brian was married to Carol, who had been dating Joe. (What’s with ex-wives named Carol?) And second, Megan Mullally (of Will & Grace fame) is “the town tramp”. I immediately thought, “Bunny? Lowell’s wife? She doesn’t look like Megan Mullally, does she?” But it’s not her; Bunny’s played by Laura Innes, and Mullally plays a woman named Cindy in one episode. Regardless, it’ll be funny to see Mullally in Wings.

I can’t wait to see the original Helen Chappell (I swear that’s how her name is spelled, despite what Amazon and the IMDb say), the smart, funny, beautiful woman who is passionate about her music. Towards the end of the series she seemed to forget she ever played the cello. (I actually once made a webpage about how stupid Helen became in later seasons…)