I am so tired

Tuesday’s late night has finally caught up with me :> I’m very bleary right now.

Tonight we’re going out to dinner with Mari, Brooke, and David, but right after that I think I’ll go to bed.

That’s right, no staying up later than I should to watch movies or anime. I don’t think anything particularly exciting is coming out today anyway.

Unrelated note: I now have the following photographs in nice frames on my desk at work: Sean leaning against a fence at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia; Mari, Brooke, and me at Putt-Putt for my birthday party; Connor and Logan from last Christmas eating sausage balls; and Sean and me flanked by our parents under the zen O at our wedding. Really I just need pictures of AJ and Faye and Ben and Manda and my family menagerie will be complete.