Taste, dreams, and days

While eating lunch at Chick-Fil-A today I decided to experiment to see if any other parts of the mouth can sense taste. I gobbed ketchup onto the end of a piece of waffle fry and stuck it into my mouth, careful not to touch anything inside except the rear left side next to my teeth.

I didn’t taste anything, but I did drool all over myself.

Last night I had the kind of dream that morphs into a different dream while you’re still dreaming it. It started out as a Superman dream–because coworkers were discussing the movie yesterday, no doubt. In the dream I was watching the movie, but since I haven’t seen the movie, the story was based on my impression of the characters and not a little bit on Smallville.

Dream-Superman was a very bland, laid-back, unexciteable character, possibly based on Kuchiki Byakuya (I’ve been rewatching Bleach). In one scene, he was an old woman. Don’t ask me why. And he was telling Lois he could no longer be with her. She, of course, was seeing an old woman, so it took awhile for her to realize that it was actually Superman in there. The audience realized it right alongside her, as the director took a close shot of the old lady’s eyes, steeped in shadow but with a ray of light glowing just across them, and then dissolved it to the exact same shot of Superman’s eyes.

“They reproduced the scene!” I cried to whoever I was seeing the movie with, because in dream-reality this tearful moment was a throwback to another scene, in which Superman was still Superman, and in which he said the exact same things. I found this to be a brilliant allusion.

Lois from Smallville was also in the movie, but she wasn’t Lois. Eventually the movie turned into a cartoon version of Smallville, which was actually kind of cool.

And then, suddenly, Sean and I were at a home building site looking at floorplans, and I found a house I thought was awesome, so I said to the builder, “Yeah, let’s do it!” And so they started building a house for us.

Then I started wondering if I should have, you know, included Sean in that decision, and what we were going to do in two years (for various reasons, I’m expecting something interesting to happen in two years). But Sean didn’t seem to care; he was more concerned with something that was going on in Lineage II.

I think this is the first time Sean’s gaming has influenced my dreams. Also, for those of you who don’t know him, there is no way I could buy a house without him getting freaked out ;> You may think he doesn’t freak out at all, but he does. He just does it very quietly.

My dreams must have finished themselves up, because I actually awoke naturally this morning. I was feeling pretty good, too; I watched Ichigo disintegrate Byakuya’s senbonzakura in Bleach, and I ate some waffles. But I had a problem with the videos for the website at work, and that somehow completely destroyed my day. I was on the verge of tears for rather a long time.

That’s why I ended up at Chick-Fil-A. I hadn’t brought a lunch regardless, and I’d planned on walking somewhere and getting takeout, but I just wanted to escape, so I chose Chick-Fil-A (it’s right around the corner, essentially) and just ate in. (Their new “hand-spun” milkshakes are fantabulous.)

I think I’m feeling better now, but I wish I felt as good as I did this morning. I realize that one carries a certain measure of control over one’s state of mind, but I’m doing my best and this is as far as I’ve gotten.

And yes, I’ll admit it: I do have something else on my mind, and it does have something to do with that stupid post I made before. What can I say…I’m a moron.