Getting the hell out of Dodge

I woke up this morning thinking about asking Mom something, and for some reason I thought I was back home and that all I had to do was get out of bed and walk out to the office. When I realized I couldn’t, I was overcome with a need to hug her, and I felt very sad. It was an odd thing to have happen, because I haven’t lived at home for three and a half years.

More and more I think about moving back to Kentucky. Since I started working in news, I’m much more aware of all the crime in this area. I’m sure there’s crime back home, too, and occasionally I do read about something dangerous happening in Nicholasville or Lexington in my RSS feeds, but the crime here just feels so pervasive, and it seems like nothing can really be done about it. The city is $5 million over budget, so it’s not like they can start up a midnight basketball program or something (:>).

Most of the intelligent people I talk to want to move away from Augusta. It’s sad. This is a beautiful city. The Riverwalk is gorgeous, and the Canal is wonderful. There are plenty of places to ride a bike. Downtown is being revitalized.

But people are being attacked on the Riverwalk in broad daylight. There’s graffiti under the overpass on the Canal. And let’s not even start with downtown; crime is practically commonplace in certain sections. Not long after I started my new job, a homeless man was killed and stuffed into a trash can behind one of the businesses on Broad Street. And there have been shootings along a certain stretch of Martin Luther King Boulevard that I happened to drive through unknowingly one time.

I don’t want to live someplace that I can’t explore.

I guess we’re pretty much stuck for now, though. Having just finally gotten a job I love, I’m not willing to leave it. And Sean doesn’t want to leave his job yet either. But maybe in a few years…? Maybe we’ll do something then.

I hope it’s either move to Kentucky, or move to Japan.