Home safe

Well, here I am! I added titles to all those audioposts below so you can find your favorites later on (you listened to all of them, didn’t you?). As expected, I’m not feeling like going to RiverBlast. It’s not that I’m tired, it’s just that I need to do laundry and get settled back in and make sure I’m rested for work tomorrow. Besides, I saw plenty of fireworks at home; Ben and Dan set quite a few off in Mom and Dad’s backyard on Sunday for our enjoyment, and then the next day Ben set some off at his house for me and Manda. So it’s all good. It would have been nice to see some huge ones, but I’ll live.

It was a good trip, but way way way way way way too short. I only got to see Faye, Connor and Logan on Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday because they went to Indiana for Fourth of July craziness with Faye’s sisters early Monday morning. It was nice to just have free time to hang out with Mom and Dad and AJ and Ben, but it was all too brief. I don’t start accruing vacation time for a year, either. Bleh.

Oh well!