On the road

I recorded this while driving Atlanta’s I-285. Shortly after I hung up, I hit what I assume to be Spaghetti Junction, where there was a pretty crazy accident the other day. Fortunately, nothing happened today. I am now safe at my parents’ house; I arrived at around 4:30.

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This is the least boring of all my audio posts. Before you congratulate me, note that I did not say it is actually interesting.

The post on Penny Arcade that I mentioned is here. I had to read that paragraph a couple of times before I realized what Tycho was saying :> It’s the one that starts with “At that point”.

Aside from the two Priuses I spotted on I-75 today–one which was a gorgeous red wine color, and of which I took a picture that I’ll put up later–I saw one (1) Yaris liftback on I-75, and one (1) Yaris sedan in Lexington. The liftback was the bright blue one (not the blue I want) and it had bikes strapped to the back. My kinda people.

The Prius is like twice the cost of the Yaris, by the way.