Well, that was embarrassing

So my Mary Kay lady said she was having a huge sale on July 17, her birthday, and the first three callers would get 35% off. At first I was like, well, that’s not really in my budget, but as I kept thinking about it I realized that I should take advantage of the deal while I can. In her email it said she’d take orders until midnight on her birthday, and the earlier people called the more of a discount they’d get. She said if we called late to leave a message.

So I figured, well, I’ll call at 12:01 a.m. on July 17. That’s fair, right?


Expecting to get a cell phone’s voicemail, I was understandably shocked to hear a tired male voice answer.

“Um, may I speak to B please?”

“Who is this?”

“Heather Meadows, one of her Mary Kay customers.”

There was silence for a few moments, and then the man said with a slightly exasperated chuckle, “Can you call back?”

“Um, yeah,” I said, feeling stupid. “Could I leave a message? She said there was a big sale today, so I wanted to get in on it early.”

“Yeah. Oh,” I heard him say.

“Um, it’d be a pretty big message since it’s an order. Do you think you could turn your ringer off so I could leave my order on your answering machine? I’m really sorry about this, I thought I’d get a recording.”

He was surprisingly amenable to the idea–“Okay, I’ll try to turn the ringer off”–and I told him I’d call back in five minutes.

Which I did.

But I feel like a bitch :>

It’s not my fault, though, is it? That was a reasonable assumption, right?

Regardless, I did apologize to her husband several times…

(And I saved $27.30, assuming I get the 35% discount…

(Do the ends justify the means?

(And hey, the old me would have been totally petrified by having a live person answer, and probably would have hung up without saying anything…but instead I managed not only to maintain my composure, but to get what I wanted…that counts for something, right? ^^;;)