A dearth of photography

Putting the pictures together for my last post made me realize that I haven’t taken many pictures this month. On the 12th, when I was headed home from my occasional part-time job, I took some pictures of a crazy moth that had latched itself onto Sean’s car (it managed to hold on for quite a bit of the drive home, too)

but those and the fingernail pictures are all. For the entire month of August!

Part of it is simply that I have been so busy. I often don’t take a lunch break, and when I do I tend to just go out to eat. I haven’t been good about packing lunches. I had been going to the gym during lunch, too, and that’s also fallen by the wayside. Gearing the website up for the fall season is taking a lot out of me.

It’s a good thing it’s fun :) I just hope I get everything done in time.

When I leave work, either it’s already dark, or I just want to come right home and relax, so I haven’t been going anywhere after work either. Tonight I did go somewhere–Rhinehart’s, with Brooke and David–but I didn’t even think to take pictures. I guess I’m out of the habit.

To compound the issue, my weekends have been spent largely indoors, for whatever reason.

Obviously this is a situation that must be rectified. I will see what I can do tomorrow and this weekend about a photo trip.