Sean, use your majutsu!

Last night I dreamed that Sean was in a bitter rivalry with Gunner from Zap!. It turned out that Sean had to defeat him in baseball, but he was busy with something else first and couldn’t make it to the other field right away. People kept jeering and it sounded like Gunner was winning.

Finally Sean and Koutarou from Touch were able to head over there. They ran into the first-years from Prince of Tennis on their way, who as usual were full of running commentary…this time about how Gunner had thrown 104 strikes.

When we got there, there was no one in the field but Gunner on the pitcher’s mound. He kept throwing these crazy-fast pitches and striking out people on our team.

Sean went up to bat, and by this time he very much resembled Tatsuya (what a shocker). He swung three times and missed, and then it was his turn to pitch.

He was of course a fabulous pitcher, but when the ball closed to about ten feet from Gunner it suddenly slowed and dropped to the ground, bouncing like a tennis ball. It happened every time he pitched.

After ball four they switched places again. This time Sean really looked like Tatsuya as he flailed his bat around crazily and almost fell over. But he still struck out.

As he was preparing to pitch again, I told him, “Sean, use your majutsu. Protect the ball so he can’t make it fall.” He nodded, and the ball was suddenly surrounded by this pale blue aura. It started bouncing up and down next to him, faster and faster, and I knew he was concentrating on surrounding it with magic.

That time, he struck Gunner out. Only 106 more strikeouts to go!