Smallville would make a great anime

Or at least, that was my thought as I woke up this morning.

I had dreamed a Smallville anime episode in which the cast was on vacation in Hawaii (I don’t know) and Jor-El caused some crazy shit to go down in order to train Clark to come back to Krypton (wait, Krypton still exists, subconscious mind?) to stop some evil going on there.

One of the crazy things was causing a blonde female cast member (yet not Chloe; I don’t know who it was) to grow into a giant. Everyone was cavorting merrily on the beach when suddenly they spotted her approaching from an island out in the sea. And did I mention she went a little nuts? So she was on a rampage, and Clark had to stop her.

Throughout the episode Jor-El kept speaking to Clark telepathically, saying things like “You must return to your homeworld, Kal-El, and this will prepare you.”

I don’t really remember how things turned out. I’m not sure I even dreamed that part.