Here’s something interesting

I was looking at my referrers (the majority of which are myself, alas) and I happened to see one called “”. So I clicked it and found that it’s basically a site that links to other sites. You can put in your url and see who’s found you through it and what they thought.

So I put in, and this page came out.

As of now I have one comment from a guy named CousCous, who wrote back in 2005:

I like this. I read the five latest entries and didn’t disagree with anything she wrote. I did the opposite actually. It was like I was reading my own thoughts. Scary. She’s got a great sense of humor.

Since he wrote this on August 27 at 4:26 p.m., that would mean the five latest entries (in reverse chronological order) would be Yakuza change of power, Housing bubble, Eeeeeeek., The challenge of weight loss, and What am I doing up so early, and posting?

It’s kind of funny. Our apartment burned down the next day.

It’s interesting to look at those five posts and think they are considered representative of my blog. It makes me think about the latest five posts on any given day. I don’t think I’ll change anything–I think this blog is pretty much destined to have a readership of no more than 30–but it’s fun to try to see myself as others see me.

Another person, liquidiridium, also indicated that they liked my blog, though they didn’t leave a comment.

Also interesting is that the two tags associated with my blog are “japanese” and “graphic design”.