I bought Darkwing Duck on DVD the other day

The first 25 episodes. R0x0r.

I think I’m enjoying it almost as much as I did the first time around! You know, back when I used to obsessively tape the episodes in order, cut out the commercials, painstakingly label the tapes with those letter stickers that came with tapes back then, and then break the tabs on the tapes so no one could record over them.

(I later covered the holes with tape and recorded over most of the episodes with ReBoot, alas.)

There is one thing I forgot about, and that is the episode “Water Way to Go”, which is cool for introducing Steelbeak but intolerable due to the animation. Oh my GOD it sucks. I remember despising it as a teen and that loathing lives on today.

I recall there were several Tiny Toons episodes done by these same animators. I don’t know anything else about them, other than that they should never be allowed to touch a brush ever again.

It’s hard to describe why it’s so terrible, so I took some screencaps. Now you too can share in the horror.

Fortunately for you, these screencaps don’t demonstrate the full destructive power of these animators. After all, you don’t have to see the craptastic animation…just the mindblowingly awful art.

I swear, you can almost imagine the Buster Bunny dance with this one

The plot of this episode isn’t really all that great either…maybe Disney just decided to put all the bad eggs in one basket ;P

[Edit 2006/09/27 12:36 a.m.:] According to Wikipedia, this was actually the first episode produced. Did the animation budget suddenly go up thereafter?

I find the production order very interesting. It would be cool to watch the episodes in an order that made sense. I just watched “Just Us Justice Ducks Part 1”, and it’s very confusing seeing as Darkwing hasn’t actually met any of the Justice Ducks yet ;P And yet this is apparently the order in which the episodes aired! Crazy.