Sour grapes

You know, it’s too bad I’m not a good-looking actor living in Los Angeles. Maybe then my blog would be worth reading! And people would think I was awesome.

Really, it does seem that if you’re famous for something, people notice your blog more. Or at least make a bigger deal about your blog.

I’m famous for nothing, unless you count my ego, which I’m not really famous for either but my ego would like to think I am. Some fame, please!

I’m the Darkwing Duck of blogging. Chasing after the spotlight, and tripping over my own cape.

But can I truly say that I am “singed, but triumphant”? Or am I just singed?

I’ve given up wondering why I want to be famous. And I know that there’s a glut of blogs, and to stand out you have to be well-known already or a damn good writer who doesn’t waste a single post or someone who can make drivel like this interesting.

And normally all this doesn’t bother me so much, but what can I say? I’m pissy.