Batman dream

My dream last night was almost like an episode of a TV series, or maybe a movie.

I was part of a group of a little over a half dozen or so of people being held hostage. Or rather, we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The bad guys were trying to do something–steal something, sabotage something, I’m not sure–and since we happened to be at the scene, they decided to use us.

Our main task was to find each and every last miniature Batmobile in the place and cover it so that Batman couldn’t see what they were doing.

There were many mini Batmobiles.

I wasn’t sure if I should point out all the ones I saw, or conveniently overlook one. I played it safe and pointed them all out.

There was a love subplot in the dream as well. One of the hostages was a girl named Heather, who I thought was my friend Sam’s fiancee. However, she kept complaining about him, so I spent a lot of my time talking him up, pointing out how totally awesome he is.

In the end I seemed to have moved her…only to find out that she wasn’t his fiancee at all, but a girl who thought she’d been set up on a blind date with him. So rather than help his relationship, I had introduced an annoying variable.

Also, in the dream, Sam was Batman.