Pumpkin party

Mari held her pumpkin carving party again this year, and I took some pictures.

At first we sat around eating all the fabulous food Mari and others had made. Some people played card games. Then people gradually started carving pumpkins; I was in the first group.

My pumpkin:

More pumpkin carving:

There was a little family there that was so cute: a husband and wife and their 3-year-old son and 13-month-old daughter. I had some stickers that I had previously passed out to everyone, and I was pleased when they arrived so there was actually a kid to give stickers to.

I asked parental permission first, then gave the little boy a sheet of stickers. He put a pumpkin sticker on his forehead, and pointed at it and said, “Head!”


Here’s Brooke and her new boyfriend:

Oh, calm down. It’s just Mari’s dad.

Someone at the party asked me if Brooke and I were related, because she’s seen us together a lot. That was kind of cool.

Mari’s house was once again done up for Halloween, and it looked awesome.

After I got home, I stuck a candle in my pumpkin and set it at the kitchen window.

I hope people can tell it’s a bat :>