Christmas in my mind

So yesterday I decided to spend far too much money at Wal-Mart on Christmas decorations. (After the fire, I don’t have any. So it’s only natural that I catch up. Right?)

When I got home I cleaned and decorated the office.

I’m pretty happy with my little Christmas tree done up in pink. It goes with my armchair. Plus, pink is pretty :>

When I first started picking out ornaments, I went for a bunch of silver and blue stuff. This is one of two garlands I bought, thinking I would use them on a larger tree that I would buy later. This time around, I just picked a small tree that at the time I thought I’d put in the kitchen.

When I got home and realized there were two little trees in the box instead of one, I decided to put one of the garlands on one of them.

I could have made both trees identical, but what point would there be in that?

I also kept both trees in the office, because unfortunately they have to be plugged into each other–I can’t have one in here and one in the kitchen. But I think they look okay in here :)

It was impossible to avoid bringing this snowman home.

Here’s the full view. As you can see, I also got quite a collection of Christmas CDs, as well as some peppermint-colored candles.

Not pictured are the ornaments meant for a larger tree (which I still hope to get later!), the little silver reindeer hanging from the bathroom doorknob, and the larger red candle tray with a peppermint pillar surrounded by additional round peppermint candles.

I’ve been listening to a CD called Christmas Dinner – Elegant Saxophone Quintet, filled with instrumental Christmas favorites, since yesterday :)