One word

Here’s a survey I found over at the Extraordinary Bride’s blog.

That part about not giving a paragraph explaining why is talking directly to me.

Hey you! Yeah that’s right, you! When you do this survey you can only use ONE word to answer each question, no more and certainly no less (what would be the point then). And for the love of god, don’t type one word and then give a paragraph explaining why, it kinda defeats the purpose (and i haven’t figured what that is yet).

Not as easy as you may think.

1. Yourself: searching

2. Your girlfriend/boyfriend: happy

3. Your hair: flat

4. Your mother: ideal

5. Your father: warm

6. Your favorite item: camera

7. Your dream last night: interrupted

8. Your favorite drink: water

9. Last time drunk: never

10. Your dream car: bicycle

11. The room you are in: lonely

12. Your ex: bald

13. Your fear: trapped

14. What you want to be in 10 years: me

15. Who you hung out with last night: hubby

16. What you’re not: humble

17. Muffins: blueberry

18: One of your wish list items: tickets

19: Time: incomprehensible

20. The last thing you did: googled

21. What you are wearing: comfortable

22. Your favorite weather: crisp

23. Your favorite book: expelliarmus!

24. The last thing you ate: minty

25. Your life: good

26. Your mood: odd

27. Your body: huge

28. What are you thinking about right now? wanting

29. What are you doing at the moment? blinking

30. Your summer: nothing

31. Best part of your life: opportunity

32. Best friend: two