The girl who shared my office at work has left for a new job. Her workstation will become kind of a catch-all for other people who need its resources, and for the rest of the time remain open and empty.

This office is big. Having it empty will be pretty lonely.

But it’s not the lack of a body in the chair behind me that’s on my mind today. It’s the fact that someone I’ve grown to like very much won’t be a part of my daily routine anymore.

I’m really going to miss her.

When change happens in my life, my way of dealing is to exert as much control as I can. In this case, since I’m losing an officemate, I’m taking the opportunity to rearrange the office. There are two doors, and now both of them open; previously, the one leading towards the newsroom was blocked by my desk. I’m not done, but I’m liking the change so far.

Except for the added noise.

Also, people tend to like to congregate in this office. It’s in a central area in the station, at the junction of many hallways. Today there have been far too many people in here. I can be pretty sociable, but today…not so much.

I finally closed the door leading to all those hallways and just left the other door newly open.

Even though I have some measure of control over the things around me, I can’t control the events…so my coping isn’t working out as well as I’d hoped.

In other news, when I’m sad, I’m perceptibly stupider. I need to remember that so I can keep my head down in the future.