Rockin’ out to Christmas tunes

I’ve got the Charlie Brown Christmas music going, in rotation with my fave Nutcracker tracks. My mood? Splendiferous. In just two days, I will be home with my family :)

I would love to learn how to play “Skating” on the piano (as well as the beloved “Linus and Lucy”). Lately I have really been wanting to get a piano again. I even went and checked out digitals at Turner Keyboards a few weeks back.

Hopefully someday I can save up some money for one :) First, of course, will be my new car. (I also want a grossly expensive digital SLR camera…and some lenses…)

But it’s a hopeful time of year :) Someday, I’m sure I’ll be able to do these things, and more. I just need to remember to do instead of worrying about doing.