What a coincidence!

I was on my way to lunch today when Brooke called to tell me something awesome.

Here is a conversation she had with a guy at the place where she picked up her wedding invitations:

GUY: Can I tell you something? You might think I’m weird.


[Actually she probably rambled on and on about how she’s weird too and everyone’s weird and it’s totally okay.]

GUY: I think I found your blog!

BROOKE (disbelievingly): Oh really.

GUY: Well, I read this blog called pixelscribbles…

At this point, my brain went “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”, so I can’t testify to the accuracy of my recollections. But apparently this guy reads my blog because he likes my photos and he likes that I take pictures of local places, like North Augusta. He found Brooke’s blog through my blogroll.

So wow, someone local found and reads my blog! And lately all he’s seen is my whining :> I promise, Mystery Local Photo Guy, I will get out and take more photos soon!