From Smallville 6.11, “Justice”:

Green Arrow and Cyborg are the only ones with decent costumes. Aquaman’s needs to ramp up a little, and Impulse (Flash) seems to just be wearing a hoodie. (And I don’t think those hoods he and Arrow wear are very conducive to peripheral vision.)

But still. Badass!

I know the rumors are that Clark will never fly or wear the suit in this show, but I hope they’re disinformation. Because it really needs to happen. Right now the excuse he gives for not joining Arrow’s team to stop Lex is that he needs to stop the rest of the Zoners. That’s all well and good…but what happens after that? Is he really going to go up against Lex as himself, with no disguise?

(If he does end up wearing the costume, will he start wearing glasses as Clark? And how in the world will Lex not recognize him? Maybe he will…that could be an interesting twist.)