I hate Bellsouth’s "there’s no reason" ad

When I see it, I want to fly into a murderous rage.

See, there’s this young couple walking a downtown street. And the guy starts saying, “There’s really no reason to stick to dialup.”

Except he only manages to get out “There’s really no re–“

And then his girlfriend stops walking, presses her hand against his chest, and, laughing, interrupts, “There’s really no reason to stick to dialup.” While she speaks, I swear she starts giving him a nipple twist.

The look on his face says, “Well, she castrated me again…but what can I do?”

Seriously. What is the purpose of this? Is this supposed to be cute? It’s not cute. It’s sickening. Why is it okay for her to cut her boyfriend off, and then say the exact same thing he was going to say? Why is it okay for him to put up with it?

For the rest of the commercial, the guy just stands there, looking cowed and not a little annoyed, and the girl keeps talking in her cutesy, giggly voice, ignoring him.

I just want to smack her in the face.