I need a recipe card holder!

Mom and Dad gave me a beautiful Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas. Here’s a picture:

When I put it on the counter, I had to rearrange everything in the kitchen. I actually like it better in there now :) The bread machine and bread board are over next to the canisters, the candle holder that was there originally is between my utensil holders, and the cookbook stand is now next to the Kitchenaid.*

Then yesterday (that is, January 6), I went crazy and planned out dinner for this week. In doing so, I had to (of course) consult my recipes to see what I wanted to make. This reminded me that I still hadn’t done anything with my recipes and cookbooks.

With the rearranging of the kitchen, it made sense to me to put my cookbooks and recipes in the cabinet above the sink, close to the mixer and the cookbook holder. So I did that, putting the plastic bowls that were there down beneath the counter, behind some crockery.

This gave me plenty of room for the cookbooks I’ve managed to acquire (mostly from Mom–thanks Mom!), and for now I have the recipe cards in a stack next to them. But I really need a nice box.

I liked the wooden box I had before, but I’d like to know what my options are before I make a final decision. Unfortunately, my cursory internet search has come up pretty dry…nothing’s really caught my eye. Any suggestions?

* Note: There’s also a lovely sushi set on top of the microwave now, replacing the crockery tea settings that came with my pink dishes. Thanks to Brooke and David for the beautiful gift!