Kung fu truisms

The more you do, the more you are able to do.
The more you do it, the more you are able to do it.
The less you do, the less you are able to do.
The less you do it, the less you are able to do it.

That was one of several sayings I had to memorize for my kung fu class, and of all of them, it’s the one I know I’ll always remember, because it has always rung true to me.

Lately I have been working crazy overtime, but I’ve been committed to doing it, and I’ve thrived. I feel like if I could apply that commitment to other things–making dinner, exercising–I could accomplish so much. Once I get used to doing things, it’s much easier for me to keep doing them.

It’s just the getting started that’s hard.

FlyLady says it takes a month to learn a new habit. I tend to stop practicing new habits after a week. Maybe if I could just hold out a little longer, I could maintain them.

For now, I’m happy to bask in the sheer amount of work I’ve accomplished in the past two weeks. It even spilled over to my second job!