Last night was nice

After unwinding with some Detective Conan, I snuggled into the couch with Sean, and we just talked and flirted for awhile. He talked about the new game and what a good job Sam’s doing organizing it. I told him about my day and complained about a few things and he weighed in. We held hands.

“There’s some rain coming, and a cold front moving in, so lots of schools have already canceled or delayed,” I told him.

“So we can expect some sleet, eh?”

“Actually, the chances of it hitting our area are like, zero.”

“Zero, huh? So tomorrow when there’s icicles all over everything and the roads are frozen, I’ll come back to you and say, ‘Zero’.”

“That would be awesome! If that happened, I wouldn’t even care that I was wrong.”

That,” Sean said, “is what’s wrong with you.”

I responded innocently, “Is that all?”