This time, I’m not kidding

This is my new Yaris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It only took me ten months! ;)

The Subaru decided to give up the ghost on my way to work today. I had almost made it to my exit when I realized that despite my firm pressure on the gas pedal, the car was rapidly decelerating. Then smoke plumed out everywhere!

Naturally I pulled over and called Sean, and he came and got me and we set to work on getting me a new car. Toyota of Augusta found one for me in Macon and had it driven over. Sean and I went to work in the meantime. I hadn’t thought to take a picture of the old Subaru when we cleaned it out, so I snapped one as we passed it when he was taking me to work.

*sniff* Bye, Subey! You were a great car. You lasted longer than I expected you to. You reminded me of Grandpa. And you were just plain awesome.

And welcome to my life, beautiful little Yaris! I know we are going to have the best time together.

I’ll get some better pictures tomorrow, in the daylight :)