A few things

Does anyone else find it a little…strange that masters.org is built by IBM?

I loathe the phrase “log on to”. You only log on to a website if 1) you’re on dialup; 2) the website requires registration. Stop using it, people!

I am so tired. I went to sleep around 1 am, only to be awakened by work calling at 4. They asked a silly question and I went back to bed, but it took forever to get back to sleep. Then my boss called as I was trying to sleep in to ask if I was going to update the severe weather from home. Oh. Gee! At first I thought I must be late, so I asked her what time it was, and it was 8:40. Not a bad time to get up. So I did, and updated the severe weather information, and came to work.

I have no place to complain given how many of our people worked overnight to cover the tornadoes and heavy winds and rain. But I’m still tired! ;P

It was beautiful out the day before yesterday. I went for a walk and took pictures, which I’ll put up later. Glad I did before the storm!

Every day as I drive in to work I see things blooming along the Augusta Canal and think that I should go there with my bike and take some pictures. I will try to do that tomorrow. The storm doesn’t seem to have demolished the trees near I-20, at least.

PS: At first when work called, I didn’t recognize the number, so I ignored the call. It went to voicemail. This scared me a little–why would someone I didn’t have programmed into my phone be calling at 4 am? And my first thought was that something had happened to my Yaris.

So I got up and opened the front door…and my Yaris was fine. Whew.