Detective Conan 457 and 458

Okay, don’t get me wrong–these episodes were absolutely hilarious, and I loved them.

But Conan made a grievous error that could have cost him not only his own life, but Ran’s as well. And it had absolutely nothing to do with the black organization, so I can’t even forgive him based on the momentary lapses in judgement that group tends to bring out in him.

How could he have forgotten that he sensed a group of people in the forest? Why didn’t he arrange for the police to go there secretly? True, Yamamura-keiji is a putz, but Conan’s smart enough to make it work. But instead he went there alone?

Suspension of disbelief is a little strained, here.

But the ending was cool, despite the almost-deus ex machina. I always love it when Ran kicks ass.