I have no friends!

Now that Brooke is gone, who am I supposed to drag along when I get free tickets to stuff?

I’m going to Quartetto Gelato tonight at the Imperial, and of course I have two tickets, but I can’t think of anyone to invite!

I did ask Wes, but he had play practice, and I tried Mari, but it was way too short notice.

I’m so exhausted right now I don’t even know if I want to go, but I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks.

So blah. I guess my purse will have its own seat.

Either that or I could randomly give it to a stranger. But I doubt I will see many other people attending the concert by themselves.


Edit: I’m still at work at 7:55, and the show starts at 8…so I just called the Imperial to tell them they could sell or give my tickets away to someone else. They seemed to appreciate that, which is good.

I’m feeling a little poopy. Just need to get done here and go home and change into my nightclothes and veg out with my Initial D First Stage DVDs.