So, it’s over.

On the whole, I enjoyed the series. It was much more entertaining with an engaging lead character (imagine that). The female characters got less annoying as time progressed, too–many of them actually turned out to be interesting!

I’m not sure what I think of the ending. In some ways it was way too happy, but in another way it wasn’t quite perfect, so it almost cancels it out. But there’s also kind of a contradiction of logic concerning Mai and Ayu that has me scratching my head. After all, Mai is the one with miraculous healing powers. But somehow, all the happy endings manage to occur without her needing to use them. No…instead, it’s the power of the wish of the one inside a dream.


But I guess it was a decent enough way to reconcile all the heroines’ stories while finishing off with Ayu as Yuuichi’s love interest. She has to be the most important one, of course.

(Still not sure why Mai didn’t just turn around and heal Ayu. She pointed Yuuichi in the right direction, and he was able to bring her out of the coma, but Ayu still ended up wheelchair-bound. I suppose this was to make it mesh with the video game, but it doesn’t really make sense.)

It seemed to end really fast, though not quite as fast as Yakitate!! Japan did. I guess it just seems weird for shows that string out storylines for awhile to suddenly pack a bunch of information into one episode.

I did like the Sawatari Makoto thing towards the end. It made you wonder. Was she reincarnated as a fox in the past? Or was the fox reincarnated in the past? Kinda neat, even if neither are true and it was just Yuuichi’s recollections of the original Sawatari Makoto that shaped how the fox-girl turned out.

In all, I’m glad I stuck with the series. I really enjoyed Yuuichi’s character. And I’m glad to finally know where the whole “sad girls in snow” thing came from ;>