T to the M to the I

You know those T-shirts that say “I don’t trust anything that bleeds for three days and doesn’t die”?

I hate those.

Not because the joke isn’t funny. It’s funny, all right. No, the reason I’m pissed is because my normal periods have always been far longer than three days.

Man. Three days. That would be fabulous.

So apparently this is a real, full-blown period, achieved without the influence of hormone supplements. I’ve had cramps all morning and I still feel bloated. The blood (ewwww, I know, but I told you this was TMI) is bright red, and this is not a trickle.

There was a time when I thought I would love to have a regular period again naturally. I thought that the knowledge that I was “normal” again would supercede the discomfort.

Obviously I was delusional.

I was thinking this morning “At least I’m not all hormonal and emotional like I used to get on my period,” but apparently thinking that was all it took ;> So now little things are starting to irritate me. Here’s hoping the Midol will help.

Ah, the chalky taste of Midol. It’s been years.