Ugh (TMI)

Is nausea, to the point of having bile come up into the back of your mouth, a symptom of being out of shape?

I’ve had nausea at various times of day, often in the morning, intermittently for awhile now.

Sometimes it happens after I’ve eaten something, but it’s not the kind of nausea you get when you’ve overeaten. And usually I haven’t overeaten. I haven’t overeaten in quite some time.

Sometimes it happens hours after I’ve had anything to eat, and it’s kind of like the nausea you feel when you’re hungry, but more pronounced.

Lately it’s gotten to where no food sounds appetizing, and I both really want to eat and really don’t want to eat.

Like a fool, I took a pregnancy test, and it was of course negative. I think the chances of a person whose eggs have been fried by chemotherapy all of a sudden getting pregnant are about zero. But I don’t think my heart will give up on the idea until I’m maybe 45. ;P