I likes me some teenage daredevils

Last night I dreamed that Kaitou Kid was my little brother, and he kept all his magic tricks in our basement. Our basement looked more like a cave than a basement.

When I found out that he was Kaitou Kid it was because he wanted to talk about his latest escapade. This made me very mad. I told him, “You’re making us accomplices.” He didn’t seem to care, and was completely unafraid of being ratted out…which was naive of him because all my instincts were screaming at me to call 911.

It happened that the police figured it out and he had to leave to escape capture. They came to search our basement and couldn’t find anything. I remember being relieved that I hadn’t had to call the cops on him directly.

Later, our mom, who was not my real-life mom but someone closer to Brooke’s mom, was out at a Kenny Rogers concert when she got a phone call. It was from my brother. She was on stage and everyone in the audience could hear her through the microphone, so when she slipped up and called him “Terry” everyone heard her.

“I mean Bruce,” she corrected herself.

After that I was simply observing as Kaitou Kid, who of course was now Terry McGinnis, dodged some crazy tentacle-like spears underwater with his bat suit, and the thought occurred to me that my dream-mom had totally outed Bruce Wayne.