I don’t really want to leave. It seems like all the cool stuff is about to happen. The Jessamine County Fair starts on Monday, and tonight Mom, Faye, Manda, and Connor and Logan are going up to join Dad at the farm. They’re going to spend the night there and hopefully get the kitchen painted and more things ready for Ben and Manda to move there. The next time I visit, I’ll have to visit Ben and Manda separately…I’ll probably go to Mt. Sterling first and spend a night and then head to Nicholasville.

Everything’s changing. (Whine: Everything’s changing without me!)

But we did have fun. Connor and Logan spent the night with me and Mom last night, and we played in the yard and watched a short movie and recorded movies of each other, and this morning I took them back home so they could go swimming in their little 12 foot pool and then we all played Mario Kart and Mario Party 2.

I spent a fun evening with the band downstairs, too…I hung out while they worked on recording new vocals, and then we listened to music, and the night ended with a burger cookout at 4:30 am.

And I loved spending time with Mom. My first full day here, we went on errands to the bank and the accountant and then got matching cups at the Dish Barn and ate at Nicholasville’s new Zaxby’s. (I swear, Kentucky is importing all the cool stuff from Georgia, so I don’t see why we can’t move here. All we need is a Wife Saver, with a more politically correct name.)

And last night I watched some Smallville with Mom, which was cool too.

So I wish I wasn’t going, but I did have a good time, and I think I’m hopefully mentally recharged enough to get back to my routine…tomorrow. (Ugh!)

Logan says:

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