The initial high is gone, of course

Today I have sinus pressure and a headache, and I wish I was still in bed. I don’t think I will be going outside to exercise. Truthfully I don’t want to exercise at all, but we’ll have to see.

Yesterday I felt pretty good for the majority of the day, but last night I felt like I was going to die of hunger. I had a horrible hunger headache. I ate a Healthy Choice frozen dinner, and when that didn’t satisfy me, I ate the three peanut butter crackers I had left over from my lunch, which also consisted of a Caesar salad from Publix (I didn’t eat the dressing) and a peach. Breakfast was a Slim-Fast shake. I’m not sure how many calories all that is, but it seems to have been less than I’m used to.

I’m drinking some water now, and I think that’s helping me to feel marginally better.