Lost in Augusta

I had pulled up to the light at the Wheeler Road exit from I-20 westbound and was enjoying the high 60s temperature and the breeze through my rolled-down window when the ladies in the SUV next to me called, “Ma’am?”

“Yeah?” I asked, turning down the volume on the Mega Man OC Remix I was listening to.

“Is Bobby Jones B up that way?” they said, pointing ahead.

“No, it was back there,” I replied, cocking a thumb behind me.

“Thought so,” one of them said ruefully. The light had changed by this time so we both started to pull forward.

“Oh,” I yelled belatedly, “you can get to Bobby Jones by going straight this way.” And I gestured down Wheeler Road, the way we were going.

We both made an effort to drive alongside each other as they yelled back, “This way?”

“Yeah, just keep going straight and you’ll come to it.”

Not long after that we got stopped at a light. “Is this taking us out of town?” one of them asked me.

“Well, no, it’s sort of going back into town.”

“We need to get out of town; we’re headed back to Jesup, Georgia,” one of the women said.

“Well, if you need Bobby Jones, it’s right up there,” I said, pointing again.

The light changed and we moved forward once again. I pulled away from them and was shortly making the turn towards my apartments.

“Good luck, ladies,” I said as their SUV disappeared from view.