Infused with Christmas spirit

The Christmas spirit is on overload here at work. There’s a door decorating contest going on and all the different departments are going crazy to try and win. Today’s the deadline, and all of a sudden more and more doors are being covered in wrapping or crepe paper and decorated to the hilt.

I went all out with my office, hanging tinsel and lights, setting out decorative boxes and bows, and bringing in the two little Christmas trees I bought last year. Now that I don’t have a huge desk at home I really don’t have a place to put them, so they’re sitting on the printer table here in my office. I hung stockings from the doorknobs, and as a final touch, I hung candy canes from pretty much every handle in the room.

To complete the look, I turned off one set of lights to let the Christmas lights set the mood, and I’ve been playing Christmas mp3s all week.

My boss has jumped on the bandwagon, and now she has a boom box blasting Christmas songs down the hall.

I don’t remember it being this spirited last year, but I’m glad for it. It’s a lot of fun! I took some time this morning to run around the station with my camera getting pictures of different places in various states of decoration. I’ll add pictures to this post once they’re uploaded.