Worry-less wireless

Me (3:02:05 PM): I was going to ask you earlier if you had any good ideas for getting rid of a sore throat
Me (3:02:12 PM): but then I sucked on a cough drop
Me (3:02:16 PM): and what do you know?
Me (3:02:53 PM): we don’t really have a good term for sucking on stuff, other than “sucked on it”
Me (3:02:59 PM): like you “take” a pill
Mom (3:03:03 PM): losenge
Mom (3:03:04 PM): LOL
Mom (3:03:15 PM): lozenge
Mom (3:03:20 PM): how do you spell that
Me (3:03:21 PM): in Japanese they actually say that you “drink” pills
Mom (3:03:26 PM): lol
Me (3:03:36 PM): with a z
Me (3:04:00 PM): I’ve heard people here say you eat pills
Mom (3:04:04 PM): lol
Me (3:04:07 PM): but I would just say “take” or “swallow”
Me (3:04:17 PM): “I ate a Motrin” just sounds funny
Me (3:04:37 PM): but anyway, the point of all that was, I wouldn’t say “I took a cough drop” either
Me (3:04:44 PM): because I feel like that implies immediate swallowing
Mom (3:05:14 PM): lol
Me (3:05:24 PM): at about this point, my friend Brandon from work would say, “When you don’t have to think about your wireless plan, you’re free to think about OTHER things”
Me (3:05:34 PM): have you seen those commercials?
Me (3:05:45 PM): those people are always talking about the stupidest stuff
Me (3:05:47 PM): lol
Me (3:06:00 PM): I like to pretend that my silly tangents are on a higher level at least
Me (3:06:01 PM): ;>
Mom (3:06:49 PM): yes is silly
Me (3:07:07 PM): lol
Me (3:07:17 PM): “no is not on higher level”?
Mom (3:07:30 PM): no the commercials are silly
Mom (3:07:31 PM): LOL
Mom (3:07:32 PM): not you
Me (3:07:35 PM): hahaha

Edit: Hai points out that “you HAD a cough drop”. Fair enough.