Not quite la vida loca, but I still have fun

In one of those chain reaction tidying up events that occur with me every so often, I started sorting the mail, then cleaning things off the dining room table, and before I knew it I was collecting the Christmas decorations and carting them off to the second bedroom. I haven’t gotten them put away, of course; they’re sitting on the bed. And the Christmas village is still on the bar table. But this is a big start!

While I was at it I got all the dishes into the dishwasher and started it. I also got my CPAP, mask, and tubing washed, and now I’m waiting for them to dry.

Today’s been pretty good, all in all. Work went well–I got some ads done, including one with animation, which was fun. I had lunch at Wendy’s with Fichtel, and we didn’t sit around blankly the whole time ;> After work I went with him and Mullis to Chick-fil-A. The conversation turned to Adam, who left awhile back to be a chief meteorologist on the west coast, and so I gave him a call right then and there. Unfortunately he had to be in a newscast in five minutes, so the conversation was short. In fact, Fichtel’s side of the conversation with him went like this:

“Hello. Okay. Bye. Okay. Bye.”

Other than that, noteworthy features of our dinner conversation included the discussion of farts, burping, railing against faceless corporations and the fact that Chick-fil-A’s decor is like a motivational pamphlet, and Mullis’ fabulous impressions of coworkers.

After that, Mullis and Fichtel headed off to record some music (I’m not sure I can explain the intricacies of this hobby of theirs–I’m just glad I can remember the name “Smies Lieser”–so that’s good enough), and I headed home. Sean wanted Chinese food, so I was going to just pick some up at the drive-thru place near Food Lion, but Sean doesn’t like that place, so I went to our standard people over on Bobby Jones instead and went inside and waited. (However, I mistakenly ordered sesame chicken instead of almond chicken…:P)

I brought that home and commenced with the cleaning-up detailed above.

Since then I’ve just been watching Detective Conan, reading Mullis’ website, and trying to write this post. Sean just got home. I feel like maybe eating a bowl of cereal. I need to check and see if The Apparatus is dry. And after that…bed.

Tomorrow’s Friday! And after work a bunch of us are going to Chili’s. Rock on.