Friday night

Evidence I can be in a photo and not look totally horrible:

Guess I should wear purple more often.

That picture was taken outside Logan’s last night. It was pretty damn cold. But we had to wait a long time to get a table…Friday night, you know. Shalah, Samantha and I arrived late, so Elgin, Gene, and Mason were waiting even longer than we did. An odd thing happened, too; they were sitting at a table when we got there, but as soon as we sat down the server told us the manager said we had to leave. Apparently the server had seated the guys without regard for the waiting list, and now the table was needed for a party of 30.

So we trooped outside and sat on a freezing cold picnic table for what seemed like forever, within clear sight of the table we had just vacated, until finally we were seated on the exact opposite end of the restaurant, surrounded by tables full of raucous teenagers.

My food was good, and I was pretty much happy to be inside and chatting and eating, but Elgin swore off Logan’s forever, and Shalah didn’t seem particularly pleased either. Both of them had steak and they both said it was terrible. I had mesquite grilled salmon and mashed potatoes, and I enjoyed them just fine.

I’m beginning to think the bar is lower for me than it is for other people when it comes to restaurants. There’s a guy at work who used to go to Boll Weevil all the time, but he stopped going after one bad experience with a hostess who ignored him. Me, I continued going even after the bread stopped tasting so good and it became a gamble to have the sweet tea. (My patience seems to have paid off; the bread and tea have both been great again the last few times I’ve been.)

After we were finished eating, the others convinced me to go with them to Doubletree hotel, which is right around the corner. So we went over there and hung out in the bar for awhile. It’s a really snazzy place, quite upscale. Gene had a Jack and diet, Shalah had a pina colada, and Mason had some beer I’ve never heard of. Samantha took a sip of everyone’s drink but didn’t order anything. I don’t drink, of course, and Elgin couldn’t because he was on call. There was boxing on the TV next to our tables, and other patrons drifted in and out as we sat and talked.

Kelsey appeared at one point, and then she, Samantha, and Mason headed off to Red Lion to see a friend of a friend of a friend’s band. The rest of us decided that area was a little sketchy and went home instead.

All in all, it was a good time. I’m glad I went!

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