Japanese name-based personality tests

Kayo linked to a couple websites where you put in your name and they give you a personality assessment. I went to the Japanese one and found a whole bunch linked from it.

heatherの脳内 (Heather’s Brain):

This one created an image so I’m unable to copy and paste the characters and try and figure out what it means. It doesn’t look good, though, does it?

Edit: Kayo says:

嘘 (uso) means a lie.
寂 (jaku) means sad or lonely.

But she also kindly pointed out that my full name has a better meaning:

友 (you) means a friend, friendship or friendly.
休 (kyu) means a rest or a holiday.

heatherの脳内フェチ (Heather’s Fetish Passion):

爪 means claw or nail.
己 is “ore”, the masculine personal pronoun…I’m wondering if this is also how you specify a dom? However, I’m also seeing it in a combination where it can mean “by oneself”, so I don’t know. I probably need a native speaker to tell me what it means.

I’m not really sure if this is saying I’m into manicures and tough guys, or if it’s talking about sexual things. I’m not sure how the word “fetish” is being used.

Edit: Kayo explains things in the comments. Yes, I think we can safely say that I am into myself. Not sure about the nails though!

heatherの前世の脳内 (Heather’s Brain in a Previous Life):

賭 means gambling.
酒, of course, is sake, or alcohol.

So apparently I was pretty worthless in my past life!

heatherの鞄の中身 (Inside Heather’s Bag):

鞄の種類 あのブランドっぽいハンドバッグ
鞄の中身 シックなハンカチ


Type of Bag brand name-like (?) designer knock-off handbag
Bag’s Contents Chic handkerchief
Japanese sweets from 20 years ago (guess I won’t be eating them!)
? (maybe something to do with music?) overnight toiletries
ophthalmologist patient registration ticket
student notebook

heather弁当 (Heather’s lunch):

My obento costs 620 yen and contains rice (米) and something else. Again, it made an image, so no copy and paste :(

Edit: Kayo tells me that “貝 (kai) means shellfish”.