I had a bunch of workies over to hang out today, and it was a lot of fun.

Rex arrived first, then Steven, and finally Gene, Kelsey, and Samantha showed up. We all hung out and snacked on the chips and goodies I’d prepared, then went out to dinner at Giuseppe’s, which is just up the road. Dinner was good, but they took way too long making Sean’s takeout order, so I felt bad about keeping everyone there waiting on it. Finally I walked up to the counter and they handed it right to me :P

But things were good again once we were back at the apartment. We played Wii tennis, bowling, and golf for a long time. Samantha brought her Wii and Rex brought extra controllers. It was really fun. Hopefully someday I’ll get my own Wii.

After everyone left I cleaned up right away. It’s best to do that rather than leave it to the next day, I think. Besides, I have laundry to do tomorrow, so it’ll be nice not to have to clean the kitchen and dining room too.

Pictures start here.

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