Kyou Kara Maou 79 (season 3 episode 1)


Okay, so, seriously. I liked the music, a combination of old and new. I liked the introduction of the girl from the OVA, though that makes me wonder what the timeline actually is here. All the characters were pretty much themselves. The OP and ED are kind of mellow, but okay.

But oh what an opener. We saw the heads of all the ten aristocratic families (who were all male except one, I wish to point out) for the very first time. And…Wolfram is to be the next Maou? But why? Is this just in case Yuuri isn’t worthy? Surely he’s proven his worth by now; what’s the point of a big fussy ceremony?

Don’t they realize he won’t use his powers to protect himself? He never has. Every time, it’s been to protect someone else, or out of anger over someone else’s suffering. The only reason he’s not dead yet is because he’s been lucky, or because his retainers have been there.

I have the sinking feeling he’s going to fail his test against the sand bear. And then what will happen? Will he be forced to leave Shin Makoku? Will Sara use all this to his own benefit, convince Yuuri he can get him back in with his friends, only to try to manipulate his power?

Argh :>

(I’m so happy…)