Did I ever tell you I hate web design?

It’s probably obvious to those of you who’ve noticed I never change my blog template. Most designers change their templates all the time, trying new things. I’ve mentioned several times that I want to make some changes, but for the most part I’ve left it alone…not because I think it’s perfect like it is, but because I dread going into the code. It’s horribly out of date–it uses tables, for goodness’ sake–and if I ever get into a serious redesign, I know I’m going to want to start over from scratch.

I’m not the type of person who can just use a WYSIWYG editor and be content. I have to mess with the underpinnings, make them the best that I know they can be.

That perfectionism makes me despise web design, because nothing is ever perfect. What works in one browser doesn’t work in another. I can’t always do what I want, either because I lack the coding ability, because it’s unsupported by major browsers, or because it’s simply impossible with the tools we currently have. To get certain effects I have to cheat and then be annoyed that the site doesn’t live up to standards. I use JavaScript to do certain things, for example, and I just have to hope that the majority of site visitors won’t have it disabled. There are so many factors to take into account, when all I really want to do is make a nice, pretty design.

Despite all this, for some inexplicable reason I keep taking on web design projects. What’s wrong with me?