Thanksgiving timeline

2:30: Prepare stuffing, stuff and baste turkey, begin to roast (325).

3:30: Start rolls.

3:50: Let dough rise.

5:00: Start potatoes.

5:15: Put potatoes in oven.

5:20: Punch down dough. Let rise again.

5:30: Remove aluminum foil from turkey to crisp skin.

5:45: Begin steaming green beans and making sauce on stove.

6:00: Remove turkey from oven. Form rolls and bake (375). Start on pear crisp.

6:10: Begin steaming broccoli and making sauce on stove.

6:20: Remove rolls and potatoes from oven. Bake pear crisp (375). Carve turkey. Add sauces to vegetables. Eat dinner!

7:10: Remove pear crisp from oven and put in dishes with frozen yogurt. Eat dessert!